What's our mission?

The purpose of this campaign is to be a voice for our community residents excluded from the conversation and to equitably improve the quality of life for all.

As our beautiful city undergoes unprecedented growth, we too often hear that residents do not believe that their voice is in the room where critical conversations are had and decisions are made.

Communities of color and low income are often left to react to decisions after the fact, rather than informing them as they are considered. 

Our campaign is committed to placing equity above all things and embracing a culture of proactive engagement with residents that will be the most effected by commercial growth and planning.

The truth is that we love our small town, and we want to preserve its natural beauty as well as show our community that we hear them and will work diligently to address their concerns.

The three critical features of our candidacy as well as tenure once elected are:


Translating the city website and documents to Spanish for a start, as well as cultivating a robust culture of proactive and ongoing engagement with historically disenfranchised communities by engaging folks and advocating for them.


Understanding that our development affects our communities differently and advocating for folks most affected by our decisions, or even lack thereof, and centering their voices and concerns. This specifically means continuous advocacy for communities of color, service and hospitality workers, as well as our un-homed and extremely low-income households.


Maintaining a clear-eyed focus on introducing policy and procedures that lays the groundwork for future generations as they pertain to not just our environmental impact, but civic improvements as well.

We are also focused on drastically increasing Hendersonville civic engagement by improving:

Quantity of board and committee applicants

Voter turnout

Awareness of municipal processes and policies

Neighborhood autonomy and presence in municipal discussion